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Let Your Pet Rock Their Own Style – Cute with Attitude

In a universe where all the competitors are cute and fluffy get a Pets Pack subscription so you can be the coolest cat or canine in your crew.

Best Quality Pet Foods & Treats

Huge Collection of Toys & Supplies

Awesome Pet Fashion for Cats & Dogs

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Tasty Treats

Animal Fashion

Get Food, Treats, & Toys Delivered Monthly

Get great bargains on the hottest clothes, yummy snacks and fun toys for your pets by subscribing. Savings every month and scheduled treats you can depend on.

Choose a Pawsome Bag

Get a great bargain by subscribing. Every pets pack contains fashion, munchies and toys for your cat or dog.

We Send It Out Quick

Plan for the pet party because most goody bags arrive within seven days.

More Fun Every Month

Every time your pet sees a pack they’ll wag with excitement and drool in anticipation.

We’ve Got You Covered


Fun, pet friendly fashion you and your companion will enjoy.


Healthy and delicious munchies. Exciting toys and accessories.


Cool packs for cats and dogs. We love them both, meow and woof.

What is a Pets Pack

A monthly bag of goodies for your cat or canine given directly to pets and their people by animal lovers who carefully curate each item to bring joy to owners and companions.

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